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The Importance of Reputation Management

In conclusion, the internet is a place where you can find anything. Good or bad its all there for us all to discover new things about the world. We have had to adopt new ways to protect our private lives in this ever-growing closer system that we have devised for ourselves. New industries, companies, information, and techniques are being revealed every day to make sure our online experiences don’t go to far into what is our private personal places.

The celebrities and highly sought-after members of our society are leading the charge on that front and we should follow their lead. Using the internet itself the crux of our problem to solve our problem is both obvious and ingenious at the same time. Finding those companies that work through sites to remove harmful reputation damaging information like Brightpast will definitely be a key component going forward in our fight for privacy. Brand association is as well. By connecting to what is good we will be associated to what is good, that is a principle that just makes too much sense.

But in my opinion perhaps the strongest will be the actions we decide to get into. Doing things like community service or donating blood will improve one’s reputation and will help personally but will legitimately add some goodness to the world. Maybe if we are more conscious of what we do and say we can compress and minimize the criticisms we face. Because let’s face it, the internet has changed the world forever. We will never go back to the days of the world being so disjointed and information being so scarce. We have to adapt these ways showcased and many more to face this new wave of challenges that come with managing reputations in this new and bright era.