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How to Salvage Your Public Image

Another way people may try to salvage their public image may seem a bit more obvious, but it is tried and true to meeting an end. That method is too simply do things or preferably positive things to gain a positive image. These things range from donating to just having a nice meet and greet with curious fans, but the end goal is always the same a positive image.

People and things are defined by function more than form therefore, taking actions that seem selfless or that cater to a certain audience will positively affect that groups opinion on you for the better.

A recent prime example of this is the rap artist Drake. In his latest music video, he gave about a million dollars away to random strangers and those in dire need. Though this is a warm gesture of human compassion it was also no mistake. By giving away money to these people Drake has just extended his audience’s image of him too a graceful and humble giver. Everybody wins the public receive something they believe is free and Drake receives the image he aimed to achieve in the first place. This method not only may save someone’s image, but it also has a side effect of creating positive reviews. Also, you can getĀ professional reputation management advice fromĀ https://brightpast.com/.

When someone does something positive its hard give a negative review or to grade it from a critical standpoint. By doing good things a person encourages positive reviews and can even have leverage to ask for them if the deed they have done is good enough.

It may seem selfish and for the wrong reason, but it does indeed work to cleanup a person’s image. In addition, people also use sympathy to gain an upper hand. Sometimes through unfortunate events maybe planned or unplanned a celebrity is put in a difficult or dire situation which the public takes pity on. A death in the family, relationship problems, or even a heart felt confession can really change the paradigm of how the people view a person. If an artist is thought as being too serious doing a funny and ridiculous internet challenge could be just what they need to change that concept hovering around their brand. I guess the phrase actions speak louder than words is true