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How the Internet Changed the Way We View

As mentioned before the internet has changed the way we view and approach each other forever. This includes how we go about protecting and cultivating our reputations and images. At this point in time a person’s perception online is as important as in person.

Most people get their information about properties they are interested from the internet. This is just the result of technology bringing our culture closer and it can be a good or bad thing depending on where a person stands in the court of public perception. As time goes by information about everything frankly gets faster to obtain and harder to retain or withhold. Ten to fifteen years ago information about your favorite company or artist had to be obtained from mostly interviews for publications that you had to wait to be released via internet.

These days thanks to platforms like Instagram or snap chat communication is instant and direct for the most part. There is no break or room for error in this age but luckily the internet not only creates issues but the solutions to those same issues as well. The quickest and most prolific way to use the internet to hide from the scrutiny of eyes and constant beratement of the internet is too just go ghost. To leave the social media channels completely empty until an actual message needs to be spread. This way you avoid any unintentional statements that might seem offensive or that could harm how the public views you. Blanking out all social media has also been used to send political messages which also adds to a new narrative. The internet can be used to access sites like Brightpast to receive resources to manage broken reputations.


Brightpast is an online site that can be used to reach representatives who will give advice and manage a situation to ensure that your reputation gains the right image. Sites like this also have the capability to just make things disappear from the internet. This is especially true if what is being said is not factual or based on any type of empirical evidence. The internet is not yet fully understood by everyone, so companies and business have access to people who are in the know, who have the abilities to hack or edit code to sabotage would be negative content effecting a reputation. This and other companies are a new way to solve problems in the internet age.