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How Positive Reviews Affects on Your E-business

Another new method in the current landscape of the google enabled world is through the power of influence. By hiring writers to come up with positive stories and reviews of their work or products an entity can sway the public in their opinions. People tend to want to believe the same thing or agree on a decisive idea through a phenomenon scientist call groupthink. This method of reputation control takes advantage of this and creates the perception that more people like or agree with a person to very influential effects.

Though the internet is broad most avenues can still be bought to the benefit of those seeking to pay. The internet itself is still comprised of many small streams contributing knowledge to the viewers. There is still a sense of some sources being more reliable than others. If a person somehow can harness the power and influence of larger sites, then they will truly have the entire world on their side. In this day-and-age people want something to believe in or follow, companies are now starting to use that to spread their brand as a movement of the people. For better or worse this is an effective method to get a brand turned around and a reputation repaired.

Finally, and one of the strongest means to create a strong, positive, and meaningful reputation is brand association. Essentially by linking themselves to brands or concepts that people already are in favor of a celebrity can subconsciously alter an onlooker’s viewpoint or perception of them.

One specific case of this is present in politics. If you notice most politics are married, this is because most people in general view a married person as someone with certain levels of loyalty and honesty. Marriage is one of those values that never seems to go out of style so attaching one’s self to that concept may aid in their public perception. The mere act of announcing a wedding from a celebrity can create an upswing in interest and can open up an entire new avenue of brand development and reputation management.

When you see popular rappers, actors, and athletes depicted wearing a certain brand of tennis shoes or clothing it is brand association at work. When a potential buyer sees this ad, the idea is too draw a comparison between what you like and don’t necessarily like and use that to sell the product. You might not like a certain brand of clothing but if a certain celebrity wears it you might reconsider it as fashionably viable. The actual brand ambassador being associated with the business being sold didn’t actually create the product but is rather putting a stamp of approval on it confirming the quality and therefore raising the reputation and value of that brand.

In another case of the brand association, we have collaborations between two different well-known entities. Lately we have been seeing advertisements featuring Doritos chips and Mountain dew beverages all in one commercial. On top of the fact that there are two brands of well known food items they have added two famous actors and two well-known songs from well-known music artist. All the brands present reputation’s benefit from the association they are sharing with the other large brands. They get exposure, and the boon of being mentioned in the same conversation as another successful product or brand. Because the reputation of the others is so good attaching one self to it can lead viewers to believe you are good. Celebrities and famous people alike have gotten these practices and concepts down to a very meticulous science and they are winning in the realm of public perception.