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About Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle skiing is one of the top sports in the Olympics. This sport takes skill and ability. This sport allows a person to ski in the style that best fits them. This form of skiing includes moguls, cross, half pipe, and slope style. It has been one of the main sports in the Olympics for a number of years. There are many different forms of freestyle skiing.

Aerial Skiing

Aerial Skiing

This type of skiing has the skier going over all different kinds of slopes and jumps. While up in the air the skier can perform many different kinds of jumps, flips, and other tricks. The more flips that a person does the better they score. The skier is scored on a number of different things. They are scored based on how well their takeout jump went, they are also scored on the form of their jump, as well as the landing. Degree of difficulty plays a big role in the jump as well. If a person performs a difficult jump this will be factored into their final scored.

The skier is judged on at least two jumps that they have to perform. They will receive a score but the score will not carry over to the next round. During the summer months these skiers can practice using water ramps so they do not lose their skills. Some say this form of skiing is the most difficult since a person has to be able to jump, flip, and land in a flawless manner .

Mogul Skiing

This form of skiing has a skier going down a trail with a series of bumps on a trail. The skier has to go down them as fast as they can without falling or crashing. There are a number of mounds they have they to go over as well as some short radius terms. It can be dangerous like in this case with Jason Begg Smith crash.

Ski Cross2

Ski Ballet

This sport is also known as acroski. There became a formal event in 2000. This is where a person skies in the most graceful manner possible as they do down the hill.

Ski Cross

This is based off the sport of snowboarding boardercross. This event is timed and the person that is able to complete it in the fastest time is considered the winning. This can also be considered freestyle since a person can use the form of skiing that they feel the most comfortable with.

These are some of the most basic forms of free style Olympic skiing. Included with these forms are also half pipe skiing and slopestyle skiing. Free style allows a person to train and excel at the type of skiing that they feel the more comfortable with and become experts in their sport.