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A Few Reputation Managment Tactics

We live in a time of great privilege because of many technological advances. Google and the internet has given us a vast and endless pool of knowledge and research. More than ever before we are connected to each other and have the ability to share, communicate, like, and follow each other across all manners of social media or virtual platforms. We have the world at our fingertips like never before, but all is not well. with all these new advantages and ways to connect a bit of a problem has developed. We have lost a basic sense of privacy and human dignity. Now that we have google, everyone’s privacy has been compromised.

There are now few places to avoid the prying eyes of the public who can see and hear most of our every move. This problem is larger for some than others, namely those that are of celebrity status. People who have cultivated a vast audience due to their skills, abilities, or even just for their family name. Not only are they constantly probed and drained of any semblance of a private life, but some have even become addicted to the attention that they receive from fans and followers alike. This addiction has led to many desperately craving more attention by performing publicity stunts. This can cause seemingly irreparable damage to a person’s reputation or image. After all, a person’s reputation can either make them or break them in the real and professional world.

Though the internet age has given rise to new challenges obviously, it also has ushered in new industries that are made to remedy these problems. With all this new potential for privacy to be stripped away reputation management is at an all-time high. There are those however, who have found the secret to balancing and managing their reputations wisely.


First of all, the most blatant an easy way of internet reputation management is hiring a public relations firm or known as a PR firm for short. These companies are hired by record labels, politicians, celebrities, and even the general public to do damage control when it comes to a plummet in the department of public perception. Their job is too work alongside a client to create a better image. Sometimes they are hired to cleanup up an image that has already been soiled by maybe a misunderstanding or foolish act by the person or business using the services. They can do this as a third party between someone being slandered and someone doing the slandering.

Usually the PR firm company will give advice or instructions to the company or person hiring them from behind the scenes rather than addressing the client’s audience directly. This is too avoid being seemingly disingenuous or dishonest about their intentions. There are exceptions however, especially when the celebrity or company that hired the services is unavailable for comments rather due to shame, incapacitation, or fear or threat of violence. They suggest things like suing or settling with a monetary amount to shut up a person with potential to ruin a career. These firms are usually paired with companies from the get go to aid in the public relations from the beginning stages. They are a standard part of most record labels and usually aid in interviews done by artist to make sure they don’t say anything that could do damage to their overall fanbase.